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XPORT Pa.87518.1

Transfer files between your PC and your Xbox360 hard drive and memory cards.
Unique ‘docking station’ means your Xbox 360 does not need to be near your PC.
Includes Xbox1 memory card adapter so you can access saves stored on Xbox 1 memory cards for use on your Xbox 360.
Transfer gamesaves from the internet to your Xbox 360 hard drive to boost your achievements!

XPORT for Xbox 360 lets you back up your hard drive and your memory cards to your PC’s own drive, preserving valuable data and freeing up space for other projects and protecting valuable data in case of corruption or accidental deletion. Just plug your Xbox 360 hard drive or memory card into the dock unit, and connect it to your PC using a spare USB port.

You can also install files from your PC to your console’s hard drive, and inspect, modify and install files of your own using Datel’s impressive XPORT 360 PC application. Download fan-created files and enhance your games in ways Microsoft never intended…
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