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 Max Drive 160 HDD

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The PS3 is more than just a games console. It’s a multimedia marvel which you can use to watch videos, listen to your MP3s and view your digital pictures such as holiday snaps, all from the comfort of, erm; wherever you choose to put your PlayStation 3. But having access to all these digital delights present a problem of their own. Where do you put it all? Your PlayStation 3’s hard drive may seem huge at first, but if you use it to store digital media such as photos, music and video, it soon fills up. Never fear – MAX Drive 160 for PS3 is here…

With MAX Drive 160 for PS3, you can expand your storage space by an incredible 160GB. Just plug it into your PS3, and you’re ready to go. It’s also the ideal file transfer solution too. Plug it into your PC, and you can drag and drop your movies, music and pictures onto your MAX Drive. You can then take it to your console and plug it in once more, and you have easy access to everything you copied. You don’t even need a network!

But it’s not just for media. With MAX Drive, you can store gamesaves and matierial downloaded from the PlayStation store, freeing up room on your PS3’s hard drive, and moving it back when needed. With MAX Drive 160 is the ultimate multimedia companion for the PS3. Buy one, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Store your photos, movies and music.
External 160GB HDD.
Plug and play convenience.

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Max Drive 160 HDD
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