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 IGN Xbox 360 Editors' Favorites 2007

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IGN Xbox 360 Editors' Favorites 2007
Discover our secret loves.
by IGN Xbox 360 Team

January 11, 2008 - There is a difference between the best games of the year and your favorite games. For example, it's fair to say that The Big Lebowski isn't the best movie ever made. Yet it may be your favorite. And on the same token, you can appreciate the brilliance of Citizen Kane, but that doesn't mean you watch it once a week with your best mates. So too is the case when voting for Game of the Year Awards.

For one thing, our official Awards are decided by a group of editors. They must come to a consensus on the most deserving game in each category. We have to recognize not only what we love to play, but what the games bring to the 360. Halo 3, for example, shines with its replay functionality. An editor may not be a huge fan of playing Halo online, but they still recognize the good things Halo 3 offers.

Below you will find the favorites of IGN Xbox 360 editors Hilary Goldstein and Nate Ahearn. These are the ten games we personally loved the most. They can be from any platform and added to our list for any reason. We think they give some insight into the types of games out editors enjoy most. If you prefer things to be more official, check out IGN's Best of 2007 Awards.

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IGN Xbox 360 Editors' Favorites 2007
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